Once I heard the story of two teachers and many (MANY) children

who tied their shoes tight and started an adventure around the world …

Explore the World Summer Camp '17

Being gentle with the Nature

Ali and the kids of Aldea Yanapay, Perù

Fun Feet Painting

Tami and Rumbo in Atlanta

Discovering Aromatic Herbs

New scrumptious tastes

Making Creative Pasta

Picking up Corn Leaves in our Field trip

Happiness and Freedom

What’s new?!

Wild Summer camp ’19


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We are Ali & Tami, two bubbly and enthusiastic teachers who share the love for creating and enjoying learning experiences with children.

Tamara González


She is a dynamic preschool teacher, specialized in bilingualisim at CES Don Bosco University, in Madrid. Her ceaseless inquietude to learn from marvellous and inspiring people around the world has driven her to carry out ambitious teaching projects in Finland, Sweden, England, Ireland …

Alice Danesin


Adrenalinic certified CELTA English Teacher specialized in Early Childhood, collaborative, creative and detail oriented, Storyteller, Author and Blogger. Inquisitive learner about Alternative methods of educations that brings Love, Connection with the Nature, Empathy…

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Flashcards are one of the best way to learn. Either you’re learning Chinese or Maths formulas, they’re such a great tool to play with memory and association. There are thousands of activities we can play, some are very simple but very engaging and others can be more articulated for elder learners.

Homemade FC here!

Move & TPR

A step closer now!!

The Total Physical Response is an already tested methodology, that proved to be very successful, is very useful at low and beginner levels. It is about the learners to execute a number of instructions, gradually more and more complicated (starting from eg Take the red pen, Walk to the door, to Jump 3 times, Turn around and more difficult such as how to mime a ramshackle sleigh, or grow like a little seed

More TPR activities here!


Storybooks are fantasy, storybooks are reality, storybooks are colors, feelings, characters and  actions. Storybooks are environments, situations, people. Storybooks are just the perfect way to enter a child’s world. Storybooks are the perfect context for learning, to create and produce reactions and language. Storybooks give children a reason to learn, a reason to read and eventually, to learn another language. They are just so powerful!

Our selection of storybooks here


Hi! I really love all the things that you are doing and posting, girls, they are amazing! I would like to thank you for giving so many great ideas to teachers, practitioners, parents… for all your effort and incredible contribution to this world.
Irene R P Isábal

Pre school Teacher

E così questa bellissima esperienza è arrivata alla fine…. Cosa dire? Siete stati F A N T A S T I C I    U N I C I    ME R A V I G L I O S I    I N C R E D I B I L I

Avete regalato a trenta bimbi un’esperienza indimenticabile! Grazie teacher Alice Danesin, Grazie teacher Tamara González Casado, Grazie teacher Matt, Grazie teacher Erik Grazie di cuore!! E tu che stai leggendo e non hai ancora avuto l’onore di conoscere questi 4 ragazzi, ti auguro di farlo il prima o poi.. perché sono energia pura, energia positiva, che ti fanno ricordare e credere che UN ALTRO MONDO È POSSIBILE!!
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