Roll the Dice: Dress Santa

What?!?! Santa is naked!! We need to help him to get dressed!!

Roll the Dice. This classical game continues being one of the most loved board games for kids.

Material: All you need is to photocopy the following worksheets as many children you have and just one for the instructions. Don’t forget scissors for all of them, cause first, they will need to cut out Santa and his clothes.


The instructions are simple:

  1. Roll the dice, look at the number you got and place that item on Santa.
  2. The first one that dresses Santa wins.
  3. Important! You have to put Santa’s socks before the boots, or again, you have to put the coat before the belt. Eg.: If you get a 6 but you don’t have your socks on you miss the turn.

. To promote collaboration and give a break to the competitive component, at some point of the game we proposed to the children to offer their dice number to someone that needed it, if they wanted so. This means that if they got a 3 but they already have that item, they can offer their socks to someone that needs them. In addition, this will make them interact and communicate in the second language.


Follow up: Once we all have our Santa dressed, we go to our Art&Craft room. Today Santa is going to change his old-fashioned clothes for the ones that our multiskilled children have designed for them!

_A simple game with simple instructions but children learned in an effective way new vocabulary, like in this case, the item of clothes: hat, coat, trousers, belt, socks, boots. Eventually, they will learn chunks as: roll the dice, it’s my turn, I got a five, I need the trousers…

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