How can we travel to Colombia?

Mmm, what a question Carey? How do you think? By PLANE! Nice idea! Would you like to travel to Colombia… NOW? Sí! Sí! Síííííí!

It’s my fourth day with Carey, here in Atlanta. I’ve decided to speak with him fully in Spanish, so it’s taking longer to connect with him. But there is something, further than language, that is an essential requirement to connect among people: interests. That’s how any lesson plan, any day, any moment with a child should start. We care about them, we care about what they like, and our aim as teachers is that we want them to learn enjoying what they are doing. And starting form there, they will feel motivated and they will learn more and better.

So that’s where I’ve decided to start from with Carey: means of transport.


LEAD-IN: Google Images

Immediately after the question, I suggested Carey that we should decide which plane we wanted. The aim was to have an idea about the previous vocabulary that he already knew about the topic and start to introduce new vocabulary, so later, willead-in-3l have been easier and fun to play! To do this you just need the following:

  • Take a computer and search on Google Images “aviones”/”planes”. Simple tools right at your fingertips.
  • Discuss about the length of the plane and the wings, the color, the number of windows, who the pilot could possibly be…

TPR ¡A despegar!

Pretend that you are turning engines on. Spread your wings and fly! Fly over the living room, the restroom and the bedroom! Make some twists to the right, and some others to the left! Oh, no! We have some turbulence! We need to land urgently! Here control 101, we need to do an emergency landing in the middle of the forest! 3,2,1… ppmadnwienfoggggrrgrg… Well done Pilot Carey, that was an awesome landing!

Reusable Sticker Pad

For this activity, I used a Reusable Sticker Pad – Vehicles. You can purchase it at the following link or do it by yourself (description below). For this activity I left him exploring and creating a story by himself. We were together, but I didn’t want to drive the imagination in my own direction, I was just there playing and of course interacting in Spanish and helping him with the words that stopped him from expressing his point.


When they are this point of engagement, it is time to introduce new concepts. And again, I used a tool which is within the reach of all: Google maps. I asked him: “Carey, where do we live? – Atlanta.  And where do we want to go? To Colombia.” It was such a magic moment for him to see a line crossing all the way to Colombia with a plane above the arrow! We started to suggest other places to see where they are in the world! Definitely, it’s a great way to introduce difficult concepts at this age as time, space, geography, people from around the world, oceans

Do it by yourself:

  • Prepare some flashcards. Download them from internet or take them from magazines (real pictures have a strong impact for kids).
  • Cut them just leaving some millimeters from the shape.
  • Laminate them. You will manipulate them so much so you’d better laminate them if you want them to resist, at least, till the end of the game.
  • Prepare the landscapes. They can be be any picture, or simply print some A4 scenes of an airport, sky, train station, road, sea, beach…

More suggestions to work with means of transport? To teach the concept of space? To understand that people life all over around this world that we leave in?

Let us know! We will be so pleased to share it here!

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