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After months of searching and researching I am ready to share with you all what my thesis has brought out. But I would love to call it Journey because I was investigating about what I love: Learning a Second Language in Preschool. And on my way I found one of the greatest bilingual teachers for toddlers, Alice Danesin, and I cannot be more thankful for how you haportadave inspired me and you still keep doing. This post is full of passion and enthusiasm and I hope you will enjoy the journey with me!

Soon you will meet Rumbo, a crazy monkey that loves to connect with people from all over around the world. And this time, he has found a Spanish immersion school in Atlanta and he can’t wait any more to meet the amazing kids that are learning there. So, right away, we booked two tickets and arrived the 23rd of January to an area called Decatur. But the luggage of Rumbo is soooo heavy, what are you bringing this time? Which learnings are you planning to share with these children??? Come on give me a clue! At least just three things!


(Definitely, don’t miss a word in this Lesson Plan). Recently, we have met Olga de Dios in a workshop that she did for kids in MadisMad. She is the author of those three books and two more that we will share soon. And we are just so inspired about the stories and the illustrations that she uses to share about the value of DIVERSITY. And it is all what Rumbo loves to share:

In diversity there is beauty and there is strength. 

Maya Angelou

In 5 days we will make a memorable adventure for those kids in which:

And yes! All this will be  in Spanish for English speaking children! And that’s exactly when the beauty comes: when we are not just a Second Language Teacher but we are able to teach through a Second Language values, contents and skills.

Looking forward to sharing more!




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