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Puppets are a great resource to encourage your children to speak a second language. But the impact that it makes will depend on you! By creating a whole story behind it, your kids will be much more connected and really open to listen!!

As the good traveler that he is, Rumbo never forgets his diary where he writes about his trips, the places he discovers and the new interesting people that he meets around the world. And in each of his travels, Rumbo shares that story with his kids, and he makes them feel excited about the places that he explored here and there, or even that weird and exotic animal that he found in a magic lane. The world is full of mysteries and adventures to live. And together, they will fill the pages of his diary. 

Diario de Viaje. Diversidad. Rumbo.2

Rumbo’s travelogue belongs to the project Rumbo around the world. To read the whole diary click here. Or read:


In this first part Rumbo presents himself and invite them to live an adventure together. From the point of view of learning a second language, it will be used to do an initial assesment of their Spanish level at the same time as it will awake their curiosity to learn.

Diario de Viaje. Diversidad. Rumbo.imagen

My idea is to continue this project in other schools, with more kids, schools, libraries… and take Rumbo wherever I am going!! To make this project grow in diversity!

I hope to fill all the pages of this diary with kids from all over around the world!!! 

Next stop?? Be part of this adventure! If you want to meet Rumbo and you want your kids to live this experience, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will go wherever you are!!!!


This chapter belongs to the project Rumbo in Atlanta. During the first session we’ve read Chapter 1, have a look here.

But in the fifth and last session of this lesson plan, the travelogue has been update! And this time… Rumbo has sticked pictures with all the kids in the class!! They can’t believe it! Now they are part of Rumbo’s travelogue!


03/03/2017 (When showing Chapter 2, Between to mates) Mate 1: “How can Rumbo do that?/ Mate 2 (so serious): I think Tami helps him.

27/03/2017 Isn’t it beautiful when one of your kids get that inspired that made up a whole story about a trip together in a van? Read this piece of imagination by clicking here.

Van de Tami y Rumbo

01/04/2017 (Random comments along the days). Tami, does Rumbo eat? Does he like broccoli? (It’s so beautiful all their wonders, their confusion between reality and fantasy). 

10/04/2017 Carey: “Mum, can Rumbo drive a van?”/ Mum: “Yes!”/ Carey: “Why?”


Download it here. If I take a plane, my kids take it with me. While being in Atlanta, I’ve made a five days travel to Charleston and Isle of Palms. It has been a journey of treasures. I’m so amazed by all the mysteries of this world, waiting for us to be discovered; there is always something new to discover! And that’s what I’ve wanted to share with them today. Read the whole experience here or scroll down with your mouse below : ) Let me know if you have learnt something new too!

Rumbo in South Carolina

See you on the Learning Road around the Wooooooooorrrllddd!!!

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