Lesson 4_My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes

This is the lesson plan for Lesson 4 of the storybook “My Cat likes to hide in boxes”

Say to the children that they are going to make a cat-shaped book, and in order to do this they need to have their flags in the right sequence. Say that you are going to read the story and have them join as much as they can while they sequence their flags. Giving them a reason to listen will keep them engaged.

You’d better have your own copy to show children how to do it (I found this so important when I want to use just the Second Language. Have always a model to show, it will make things easier for everybody!). Distribute the cat-shaped book (I prepared them in advance to save time) and say that now they are going their own book. They can add as many things and landmarks as they wish. I had them working in front of our lesson 2 picture webs so that they were able to choose their favourites. Leave them the time that they need, circulate and help around whenever it’s necessary. Provide and elicit the key language while they’re working.

This lesson showed how much children can learn from repetition and the benefits that come from working on their own projects. Their production sometimes is unexpectedly natural and is definitely one of the most WOW moments that a teacher can experience.

I’ll see you later alligators, on Lesson 5!

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