Lesson 5_My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes

This is the lesson plan for Lesson 5 of the storybook “My Cat likes to hide in boxes”

Start your class with a great and loud storytelling and invite children to partecipate as much as possible. You can even ask them to tell a whole page: “Now, Lorenzo, it’s your turn!” and the next page another child and so on. At the end, every child will have read at least one page. Page after page, rhyme after rhyme, and trying to remember the order of the cats, will definitely create a growing suspance.

Invite children to finish their project, add as many details as they like and possibly color it. If they want, they even can write the lines from the story.


At this point, as soon as the children finish their books, gather in circle, each one holding their book in front of them. Say that now, they are going to read the story in front of their friends, as they can and they are able to. Help as necessary and encourage them starting the words sounds and provide the missing words. Repeat correctly if they mispronounce but don’t be too picky. It’s their time to show what they did, they’re proud of their work and some of them got even a little embarassed! It’s ok, support them and be their friend, even more if they get stuck at some point.
With my guys I felt that they trusted me so much that they could try and be wrong without being judged. (I always make sure that the last word that they repeat it’s the right one, anyway).

Group 2:

Group 1:


I’m so proud of my children and all the progresses they are uniquely making. It’s been a lovely lesson and we are definitely ready for our last lesson of My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes.. the performance!

See you on lesson 6!

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