Lesson 1_We're Going on a Bear Hunt

This is Lesson 1 of the storybook We’re going on a Bear Hunt.

Say to the children that today you’re going to read a book, show the cover and let them comment it. Ask who the people in the cover may be, a family, friends, girls, boys.. Some of my children already knew the story, it’s a well-known and read one all over the world.

You can present the new language with the flashcards (which you can download here). First present the charachters as follows: mummy, daddy, brother, sister, baby, dog and bear. Then go on with the other words: hunt (and then pointing to the flashcards: bear hunt), over, under, through, catch, scared. Make sure that they get the meaning of the prepositions and hunt. Leave the landascapes flahcards for the storytelling. Play some games with children, such as: “Can you touch..hunt?”
Go on playing until children look quite confident.

Now it’s your turn! Take the book again, open it, pretend to be carrying a backpack and start performing. Encourage children to join in as much as possible, repeat words and chunks of phrases, mime and copy you.It’s so amazing how they try even though they don’t know the lyrics, yet. While reading, use the landscapes  flascards to support your reading, +voice and meanings and put them on the floor in order, following the sequence. Use TPR to see a quick response and let the children feel the new words finally making sense and happening. To see the author Michael Rosen performing and get an idea of how the song goes, have a look at youtube.

When you finish the story, ask children if they liked the story, and if no, why.

Jumble up the landscapes flashcards and ask the children to sequence them again from the first one to the last one. Let them check themselves is they’ve been right or not, leafing through the book and correcting.

Now it’s time for some hands-on! Give each child a copy of the charachters and provide them with colors. The idea is to have them color and cut out. This time you  will probably just give time to color and leave the cut out for next time.

Download here: stickpuppets


Bring the class to a gathering moment on the floor again, and ask them which one was their favourite part of the story.

See you later Alligators, to Lesson 2!


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