Rumbo's suitcase

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Literally, I love to use this material in my class. It’s like a treasure box of learnings and that how I love to tell to my kids. I use a suitcase for it and it has the aim of learning about diversity, cultures, people, trips… about the world. You can use it in many other ways! I encourage you, mums, dads, grandpa, grandma, teachers and anyone that share time with kids, to try it. You will discover how beautiful it’s to see their curiosity waking up! And that’s the best present you can give to them. Show them tools to learn by wondering and asking questions, by reflecting and solving problems, and definitely, by being enthusiastic of every discovery they make in this journey.  


That’s how I took off with Rumbo, a friendly monkey that loves to travel. He is the main character of my Lesson Plan Rumbo in Atlanta. To make sure you are landing with me in the same airport, this Unit has the aim of discovering the value of diversity through the learning of a Second Language. 

The luggage is the axis of the week because inside, there are elements that represent different moments of the sessions. Like books, flashcards, realia… that will help us to encourage their enthusiasm, to introduce the day of today and to review past sessions.

So, take note! Decorate the outside to make it more attractive. Remember that things enter us through our eyes! Prepare a story for each item! It may be some just for sharing, others can have an assessment aim, or they can represent a whole session. In my case I have put:

  • Things that you might never forget before traveling.
  • Photos from Spain.
  • Rumbo’s travelogue.
  • Colorful pillow from Granada, 5 different types of tee, CD with flamenco music, a magnet from La Alhambra. And you might be wondering, for what? To bring a 5 senses experience to my kids: sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste (in collaboration with our magnificent cook we are going to make Spanish omelet to try and with our hands… huevos rellenos!!


  • It’s already heavy, but to finish: 3 of the 5 books of Olga de Dios: Leotolda, Buscar y Monstruo Rosa. Three wonderful books to explore and share about diversity in your class! I highly recommend them! And find the lesson plan for each of those books here.


Suitcase ready?!: YES! Energy to spread around the world?! YEEEEEES!!!!

Have you ever done a treasure box? Which treasure could you find inside? How did you use it? We would love to hear new creative ideas! Share your experience and we will publish it right here with your name! 

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