Lesson 4_We're Going on a Bear Hunt

This is Lesson 4 of the storybook We’re going on a Bear Hunt.

Make a circle and play some flashcards games with children, such as a Memory Game or others. Go on playing until children look quite confident and each child has shown to know and remembered well (or quite well!) from Lesson 1.

In Youtube you can find this awesome videostory which I downloaded and decided to show to the children. I had the children take their binoculars from Lesson 3 and get ready for the Bear Hunt! I decided to make the watching more active by stopping the video every now and then and had the children finish the sentences with the last word or entire chorus.

Then, I decided to create the FREE CORNERS ACTIVITIES, to give children other two different way to learn and produce themselves the language they acquired: one was the memory game (bear-hunt related) and the other was the sensory box.

Here is the memory I used, right-click on it, save it as an image, print it, paste it on cardboard and laminate it.

I got inspired from zillions of ideas that we actually can find on the web, and I created my Bear-Hunt Sensory Box! It’s really easy, it just takes some time to collect material and make it real.

Material you will need:
-1 wooden box
-green paper for the grass and the forest
-blue tempera and paper for the river
-wooden sticks for the logs
-cotton for the snowstorm
-brown recyclable paper for the cave
-real mud or ground in a little box or brown tempera

Provide children with the paper charachters from the story (which you can print from lesson 1) and they will do the rest. They already know what to do, without even saying anything. Some of them asked me the charachters even before I started the activity. They will start literally instantly to reproduce the sounds and the words from the story. I couldn’t really expect that, but what really surprised me, was the confidence that also the shiest children gained with role-play. PicMonkey Image

I usually invite children to change activity with a simple word: “Change” and a combined gesture . They know that it’s time to change activity and they change group automatically. It’s been definitely awesomnal!

Gather in circle and ask children a very simple question: “Which activity did you like most?”. Help them with the choices: the video, the memory game, the sensory box. After all of them have answered, some children said aloud that most of the children liked the sensory box. I like so much to have them reflect on what they did and make them aware of how much they learned and they acquired. WOW!!!!

My little explorers and I are looking forward to see you on lesson 5!

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