Lesson 1_Meg's Eggs

This is lesson 1 of the storybook Meg’s Eggs.

Bring to class an egg, any type (at the Natural History Museum of London, I found a super nice plush egg with a T-rex inside) or, if you don’t have it, make one out of paper and hide inside these three little printable dinosaurs.

Show the children the cover of the book, read the title and introduce them to the characters: This is Meg -“Hello Meg!”, This is Mog – “Hello Mog!” and this is Owl – “Hello Owl!”

Now show them the Egg and ask: “What comes out of an egg? Which animals?” Let them brainstorm for a while and then start the powerpoint presentation: What comes out of an egg. In the second slide, I divided the children into two groups and had them think about whether the animals in picture come out of an egg or not. Once that they all agree with the other components of the group, we started to check.
Does the cat come out of an egg? (Elicit the answers from the groups) and then click on the picture. The order in which you should show the answers is the following: cat-snake-turtle-chick-monkey-dog-lion-bird-fish-caterpillar-giraffe-ant-crocodile. (Just to have the presentation to work out properly). Children were super excited and enjoyed a lot the sounds and learning more about animals.

Now, say that out of the eggs came also… the dinosaurs!!

Have children read the brainstorming map, trying to read the sounds first separatly then together to form the word. Have them copy the map on their excercise books.

ImmaginePicMonkey Image2

Now, show them the last picture and introduce the three dinosaurs, one by one: Diplodocus, Stegausarus, Tyrannosaurus Rex drawing them out of the egg.

Now it was time for children to make their own egg!!!!

A4 color papersheets,
colors to decorate it
3 little paper dinosaurs (right-click below, save and print)


How to make it:
Fold the paper in two, draw an egg, cut it  out (so you are cutting two eggs).
Cut one egg in two, like it was hatching.
Place the entire egg below, and paste on it the other one (just the very first part of the top eggshell and the very last part of the bottom one).

Decorate it as you prefer, color the little dinosaurs and put them inside.

PicMonkey Image

As a closing up moment, we gathered in circle, everyone holding her egg. I started: “My egg is green and orange. Out of the egg come Diplodocus, Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex.What about yours?” Encourage children to so the same, and help them as much as they need. I’m appreciating so much this closing moments, children definitely love to show to the others their work and describe it.

As you can notice, we haven’t read the book yet. A child of mine, was so impatient that he couldnt’t help himself by asking me: “Can we read the book? Can we? Can we? Please, please please. The first class is all about creating excpectation in the children, giving them prompts to start imagining what the story will be about, to grab their attention and let it be until the next class.

See you later alligators, to lesson 2!

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