Lesson 2_Meg's Eggs

Lesson 2_Meg's Eggs


This is lesson 2 of the storybook Meg’s Eggs

Show the cover of the book, read the title with the children and elicit the charachters’ names. Turn the book and let them see the eggs. Ask them: “What comes out of these eggs?” Elicit some words for the animals from the previous lesson (lesson 1).

I decided that for this book, the amount of words which I’d liek my children to learn, are quite a lot, so I made flashcards. I selected the words which will have helped them to figure out what some words are (some of them are quite weird, like newts). But there’s more! I wanted my 6 year olds to actively learn the past tense heard and ate, without explaining anything in Italian, in their first language.


  1. Download them here: FC MEGS EGGS print and laminate them so they will be more resistant.
  2. Think about a sign for each of these pictures (or the most difficult ones which you think your child will struggle with)
  3. Rise one card saying the name and miming it with the gesture. Have the children do the gesture and repeat the word several times. Make it funny!
    Put the card on the floor and go on this way for all the cards.
  4. Now ask the children one by one: “Where is the.. lizard?” (while you say lizard, remember to sign it). Have the child to touch and repeat teh word. Prize him with high-five and move on.

The storytelling will be the great part of this lesson, so it should be slow and really engaging for the children. They should feel part of the story, they should feel the suspence All the storytelling is based on two parts: making predictions (to give a reason to the children to think about solutions and be part of the story actively; and give them a reason to turn the page and check their answer.
Very useful questions I usually repeat are: “What do you think it’s happening next? What’s next?” and specifically for this story: “What do you think it’s inside? How do you think they feel? How would YOU feel? What do you think they are going to do? What would YOU do?”
Next time I’ll try to record my storytelling, so I’ll be able to post it here and that would be clearer than a thouand words.

While you are reading the story, some children will make the connection between the flashcards and the words which you are reading from the story. That’s great! If they oint to the flashcard, take it and hold it next to the page which it refers to.

Now it’s time to get our hands a little dirty! Sleeves up! We’re going to make real dinosaurs eggs!!

Material needed:
-food colorant
-small plastic dinosaurs (1 per child)
-bowls (1 per child)
Pour some soda in every bowl, add the colorant (let the children choose the color, if you have more!). Let them start mixing with their fingers. Add some water and say that they have to knead until it gets the perfect consistence: not too liquid, not too hard. Now they can start to make the egg, inserting the small dinosaur inside.
When it’s done, they can also write their name’s initial on it. Let them dry for a day or two. What are we going to do with all these?  IT’S A SURPRISE!!!!

PicMonkey Image

Ask the children if they liked the story and who’s their favourite charachter and why. Say that you are going to so something super special with that egg, but it’s still a secret. :)))

See you later alligators, to lesson 3!

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