Lesson 3_Meg's Eggs

Take the Flashcards (which you can download here FC MEGS EGGS) and ask one by one: “What’s this?” Combine each word with its gesture (the one which you chose for them). When children guess the word, give them the card as a prize. Help them as much as necessary, and be sure everyone has some cards.

Now that children have the flahscards in their hands, give them a reason to listen to the story. Say that whenever they will hear their word, they should put their card up  and repeat it. In this way, children will feel that they have an active role in the storytelling, which you will make the most engaging that you can. As always, combining the gesture while reading, is a great tool, which help children undestand a lot more.
Below, two real full vides of storytelling (included are also just a few of those things that sometimes happen, you know, with children. Like being attracted from the camera which at some point falls!)

Have children draw their dinosaur and then paint it with water colors. It was such a nice and relaxing moment today. Water colors together with some relaxing music was so great for our jumping minds and bodies. It literally inspired us and children painted driven by the flow.

PicMonkey Image

Print out these dinosaurs (A4 size)


and the labels here: Dinosaurs’ labels
Then provide the children (which, depending on the number, you can divide into two or three groups) with dinosaurs (each per type) and labels.
Starting from their description, ask them concept questions: “What its name? Is the head big or small? What about the neck? Long, short? and go on like this with all teh three of them.

Stegosaurus: small head, bony plates all over his back, spikes on his tail
Tyrannosaurus Rex: big head, ferocious, long tail, sharp teeth
Diplodocus: small head, long neck, long tail.

Have the children make their guess, read, try to read, debate with the others and positionate all the labels on the right place. Circulate and help whenever is necessary, leaving them their own autonomy.
To check if they were correct or not, I prepared this great presentation in Power Point, which children loved so much as they were literally checking if they were wrong or correct. And all by themselves. Label the Dinosaurs power point presentation


If you have time, gather in circle and ask children to describe their paintings. It’s  a stegosaurus, it’s pink, it has plates, etc.

It’s been a nice class, children are getting familiar more and more with the new words sounds and start repating and producing quite a lot. P.s: children kept asking me if they could break their eggs from lesson 2. Not today!! Maybe next time! Who knows! hihihi 🙂

See you later Alligators, to lesson 4!

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