Lesson 4_Meg's Eggs

Take the Flashcards (which you can download here FC MEGS EGGS) and ask one by one: “What’s this?” Combine each word with its gesture (the one which you chose for them). When children guess the word, give them the card as a prize. Help them as much as necessary, and be sure everyone has some cards.

Now that the children are holding their flashcards in their hands, you can start the storytelling asking them to raise their card each time they hear the corresponding word. To read and watch more about how to storytell,  enjoy lesson 3.

Now tell teh children that they’re going to watch the video of the story. Ask them:
“Is the video different from the book or is it the same?” – This means that children have a reason to watch the video other than just enjoying it. This is the youtube link for the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saXH-1gOHJ4

When the video finishes, ask them the same question again and encourage answers even in their own language. Here the aim is to let them talk and discuss about the differences and let them express freely.

This activity has been inspired from my beautiful friend Tami, here’s the link of the original activity.

I decided to adapt the activity to our story, so first of all, you should put together a sandbox (have a look here Make your Sandbox!), print and laminate the dinosaurs skeletons. Now, cut them in pieces, as many as you wish, depending on teh children’s age and abilities. I cut each one of them in 4/5 pieces.


Secondly, hide the pieces in the sand and provide each child with a stick, giving her responsability for her work. She has to find hidden skeletons!! Each time they find a piece, ask them “Which dinosaur do you think it belongs to? Which part of the body is it? Elicit answers and then invite them to put it in a selected area  “put together the bones again”. Go on like this until they found all the pieces and put together the three skeletons. Lastly, elicit again the dinosaurs’ names corresponding to each skeleton.

PicMonkey Image

Ask children to take their painting from Lesson 3 and provide them with a yellow highlighter. Ask them to draw the skeleton as they can and don’t worry if they are not able to see it naked eye. Once all the dinosaurs’ skeletons are ready, take an UV light. My friend Tami used a light ( here). I didn’t manage to find something like this here in Italy, so I decided to buy this small and comfy UV torch in Amazon)

Switch off the light.. and.. WOW!!!!!

PicMonkey Image6

Gather in circle and ask children which is their favourite dinosaur and why. Have a little discuussion on that if time allows. Children were really super excited about the eggs they built in lesson 2, they can’t wait to break them! Maybe next time.. hihihi!!

See you later alligators!! To lesson 5!

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