Toddlers Sensory Bags

My little 6-month nephew is super curious and extremely investigative, as excactly all the toddlers are! My sister in law and me were thinking of doing some homemade sensory bags to promote his gross motor skills, help him crawling, touching, exploring his first steps and his finger, hand-movements. I made this fabulous sensory bags last year when teaching toddlers colors in a second language, and I thought: “They’re always great and can be an extremely great tool for him to start exloring!”

We made two bags in total, one with salt, another with rice.

-plastic transparent bags

-vacuum-seal machine

Color the salt, sugar, rice, grain with the color you chose and then sart mixing it with your fingers. Very soon it will be all colored. Pour it in the bag and seal it leaving some air inside. (it will be necessary for the child to be able to press it and move the material inside)

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Now, you can either use the bags just giving them to your child and let him explore, otherwise you can tape them to the floor and encourage your baby to crawl/walk there. Encourage him to walk on it, touch it with his hands, lay on it and feel the texture.

You can ask many questions: “What do you feel? Is it hard? soft? Do you feel the grains? Are they small, big? What color are they?”

You can work on many different topics depending on the age and what you would like to teach. You can explore the size, the color, the texture, sensations, emotions.. you can expose your child to tons of new worlds and language and see how he reacts. If the child is able to speak, you may want to teach colors and have the child repeat and learn along with some songs.

Sensory bags are simply amazing and can inspire ypu and child for many many activities!

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