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bHello, hello! Welcome y’all! Travelers, teachers, grandpas, kids, boys, girls, zebras and iguanas, snails and red lion fish! However you feel comfortable defining yourself you have a place here with us, in the world.

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If you are reading this you’ve just seen Rumbo on the road! But please stop using this device, put your head up and start a chat with us! We really, really, really, would love to meet you! Well, you might be excused if you’re in a rush to do something for this world! In that case let me explain you who we are and what our aim is when we wake up everyday!

DSC02107My name is Tami, and this is the crazy monkey I travel with. We are simply so much in love of life and people. We enjoy been on the road, walk with no aim in a new place, have a nice chat meeting you first time, take pictures of our discoveries and find the small treasures life is expecting us to discover today!

But our journey doesn’t ends here! There is one thing we love over anything else: share time with kids! I bet you too! But just in case, If you don’t, it might be because you have forgotten for a while what means to be a child. Here there are simple steps will provide you instantly the goggles you need!

  1. Find the closest children around.
  2. Follow their steps: observe their movements, listen carefully to their talks (they don’t care, nothing to hide from their part… or maybe yes)
  3. Do not interfere unless you feel prepare to explore, wonder, get amazed and laugh as your ribs will hurt!

Great!! Now we are on the same boat! Share the journey with kids is just gorgeous! Full of adventures, imagination and inspiration! That’s why we invite you to follow the journey so we can discover the world together! Are you in? Follow Rumbo’s journey by staying tuned on Instagram @Rumboaroundtheworld_forkids We can’t wait to meet you all!!!!!

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Welcome to a teacher’s personal journey of learning and growth for her kids 

As you might have discovered already, I’m a passionate pre-school teacher that CAN’T stand still in one place! So, respecting my nature you might see me anywhere in the world. I travel with my puppet Rumbo, a friend of my kids, who has the aim of teaching and sharing the enthusiasm for life, for traveling, for learning and bring the world inside the class! It’s not an easy learning, it’s not a short time project but I belief that one of the best ways of teaching is by modeling. And I try everyday to become the best model for them.

Rumbo around the world. with kids

And I reflect this on Rumbo, who helps me to see myself from a third perspective and improve my teaching as much as I can. The class is like a fishing ball where I try to reflect the real ocean. And the real world feels in need of values, of respect and tolerance. I can’t travel anymore and see a world that doesn’t empathize with our partners on the road. Each of us can do something about this, no matter what but do it with your heart. I’ve chosen to educate kids and I try my best. I’m in an endless path of learning! And feels good to grow with you! And so then, they do it too!

See you on the learning road around the world!



Soon you will now more about this project that is planning to travel around the world!

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