Portrait of my classmate

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This activity belongs to the project Rumbo in Atlanta// Lesson 3. Buscar

Do you want to practice their second language and work on vocabulary like body parts, clothes and colorsPerfect! Here is an activity for you! Awesome!

Do you want to make your kids look for a while to their classmates and being able to look in detail how they are? This activity is perfect for you too!

Do you also want them to develop their body scheme? Fantastic! This activity is definitely FOR YOU! 

Then, what are you waiting for?

(Oh… maybe you are waiting for us to share how we did it…) Ok! Hold on, here we go!!


  1. Ask them to sit in partners; wherever in the class (we use a hard folder to lay our paper, so they can sit easily and comfortably everywhere).
  2. Try to avoid best friends; we already know they have looked to each other for a long while during the day. But! Don’t say “Don’t sit with your friend”.  There is nothing wrong for them to sit with their friend it’s just a question of achieving an aim that is hard for them to understand by that time. So, better to try something like this: Make small cards with their names and pick up papers in pairs.
  3. When they sit, they can exchange their card names (at least my class is learning to write so I don’t expect them to be able to write their friend’s name by themselves).
  4. Explain them we will draw our friend by looking carefully into their appearance, clothes…
  5. Go around the tables starting dialogues about the drawings, making suggestions… You know the level of the second language of each of your kids, so give them an individualized conversation with the level they are prepare for.
  6. Time to exchange drawings! “Look Miss Tami. It’s me! Liam has drawn me!”

Portrait of my friend. Sharing Learnings. Buscar


Now, put special attention to the last picture. It was so unexpected for me the grade of detail they put! You can’t see but the girl has tiny stars in her socks! And look how he drew them! Wowww!! It was so impressive too how some of the kids that usually make bodies without the main body, neck, hands… were able to draw even ears with earrings!!! 

They’ve learned, they’ve enjoyed and they’ve shared! I cannot ask for more!

Portrait of my friend. Sharing Learnings. Buscar 3

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