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“Help Me to Help Myself”

(Maria Montessori)

Discover, touch, play…This is the philosophy which stands on the basis of a Quiet Book: books made of felt and fabric to leaf through but also to discover through the game, catching our child’s attention and concentration.

Attach, detach, button up, unbutton, insert, hide, etc. every activity becomes a development of her sensory, cognitive and manual path!

Contrary to the world that surrounds us, Quiet Books give children the possibility to play and discover every page in their own pace, without any rush and silently.

Would you like one?

MagicFox can create your personalized Quiet Book. It is possible to choose the number of pages and ideas that you like most, and you can either choose among my example pages (click here), or we can project your very own quiet book together, if there are any themes or characters that your child love particularly.

The price I thought is 5 € per page (discover more about what it means to make a quiet book and go through its process with me!)

The book shipping to Italy is free!

The pages are bounded together so that you can add more ones in the future, if you like.

The Quiet Book suits any age until 6 years old given that it is possible to adapt every page activity to the child’s age.

Every Quiet Book is entirely HANDMADE and among the material used there’s felt, Velcro, buttons, zips, foam sheets, hot glue, ribbons, strings, wool.

Contacts: Text MagicFox at +39 334 612 1423

Who is MagicFox? MagicFox is the hands behind this wonderful project, is the passion and enthusiasm which stands beyond all thiese colorful and playful pages. To know more about who she is and what she believes in, discover it here.

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