Lesson 1_The Elephant and the Bad Baby

Provide the children with and envelope (they will need it later on to store their flashcards). Say to the children that they are going to draw something, but they still don’t know what. They should follow your instruction to discover what it is. Demonstrate while giving instructions:

  • Draw one hump
  • Next, add one trunk
  • Now draw 2 eyes
  • Next, add two big ears
  • Draw 4 legs
  • Add 2 tusks
  • Next, add a short tail.

What’s that?? That’s an ELEPHANT!!!

PicMonkey Image.png

PicMonkey Image2

Show then the cover of the book and elicit “Elephant” and “Baby”. Read the title of the book and see if any child knows what bad means. Draw them to the meaning with gestures, voice intonation and then have them brainstorm around the topic. Ask: “Were you a bad baby? Is your brother or sister a bad baby? Why? Do you know any bad baby?”
Listen to theur ideas and re-model them in English if necessary.

Say that you’re going to learn the Elephant song! I decided to prepare it big and clear on a poster with little drawings to help children understanding of vocabulary. Sing it and combine gestures in the meanwhile. Repeat it and pause before the last words of each line and elicit it. Little by little, lesson after lesson, laugh after laugh, elicit more words until they will have learned it by heart.


Draw the class to an end, gathering together in circle and give the children the opportunity to compare their drawings and talk about colors, the elephant’s parts of the body.  Remind them to bring their envelopes next time, they will need them for something special!

See you later alligators! To lesson 2!

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