Explore the World! English Summer Camp

Explore the World! English Summer Camp

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Here we present the Summer Camp that the associations Area 4 and Sharing Learnings have created completely in English Language for your child!

“Explore the World”, is born in such a multicultural and multilingual world. And this year it brings an Exploration around our planet!  We will send our little explorers in a Journey through the Savannah, the Amazon Forest, the Arctic Circle, the Australian Desert, and the deep Blue Ocean.

We will learn about animals and the nature of the ecosystems as well as the native populations they belong to. We will hear stories from all over the world, we will make a boomerang like aborigines, or become lions with bread bread brown bags; or maybe a chamaleon with toilet paper rolls and paint Masai masks as real explorers!
And all this… in English!!
Children will experience a unique experience in which they will be motivated to speak and play in English through Art, Music and Sports. 

Flashcards, videos… (and of course, recycled materials) will be used to educate the Respect for Nature. 

The camp will be a complete full immersion in the second language. No matter if our children have a previous knowledge in Enlgish or not, they all will be accomained in their learning path. Proposed activites, games, music, and movement will be proposed to help the integral development of the new language. 
When: 2 weeks (3th – 7th July and 10th – 14th July 2017)
Where: Vanzo Schools (Via Marconi 13/d Padua)
Places are limited! Do not miss this opportunity of giving to your child an unforgettable experience!
For more info & reservations, 
visit Area 4 site, or call/ send a Whatsapp to Teacher Alice 340 90 45 742 and  between a lesson and a binocular construction with tiolet paper roll will be happy to answer to you and give to you some insights about this beautiful project.
Looking forward to learning with your kids,
See you later Alligators!!
 Alice, Tami, Matthew, Theresa and Area 4. 
 3-7 July10-14

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