Day 1. Preparing our trip. (3rd July 2017)

Day 1. 3rd July 2017

7.00 A.M. Bar table, 200 metres from school.

Breakfast is served and the 3 teachers are ready for battle. The plan is to engage the kids in 9 hours of endless wonder for a tour around the world ecosystems: a classroom can become the Savannah, the backyard can be the torrid Australian outback, another classroom the freezing Polar Arctic, the canteen is as deep as the oldest Ocean and last, but not least, the dangerous Jungle, a Rainforest that won’t see much rain, but will sure be as alive as the wildest Amazon!



9.00 A.M Classroom n.1, 1st floor school complex “Vanzo”

The Savannah is ready  to welcome the kids, they are 12, excited, loud, quiet, silent, happy. They are all waiting for what is going to be. We learn each other names, we show what we are going to do today, this week, we watch a video, we see the kids and we see Teacher Ali, Teacher Tami and Teacher Matt.


10.30 A.M. Aisle, 1st floor school complex “Vanzo”

The snack is served, and nothing can be better than bread and jam; well maybe there is something: bread and double portion of jam. Oh look, in the Outback (classroom number 2) there are a lot of books, games, Atlases, we can read, we can play!

DSC0542111.00 A.M. Classroom n.2, 1st floor school complex “Vanzo”

It is time to find out how we are going to explore this world, let’s create our own vehicle, be it something we know, be it something new, be it something that doesn’t exist. Or maybe it does? Who cares, draw it on your t-shirts! (Not you Teacher Matt. We all know how bad you are at drawing. Just find something else to do, we are sure nobody will notice it!)


12.30 A.M. Canteen, ground floor school complex “Vanzo”

Lunch is served! We eat it. And then we eat a second portion, Explorers are always hungry!

2.00 P.M. Classroom n.1 and 2, 1st floor school complex “Vanzo”

Let’s learn more about ecosystems, we watch a video (Hey, not allowed to close your eyes, Teachers! Not even for 10 seconds! Ok maybe 5) to discover them, we make a game about it. “Maestrooooooo, perché non mi rispondi in Italiano, non voglio parlare tutto il tempo in inglese!” “Beg your pardon? I don’t get you if you speak Italian, so sorry!”


3.30 P.M. Backyard, ground floor school complex “Vanzo”

It’s time for another snack, how can someone so tiny eat so much? Mistery. Hey Terry stop socializing with the other group over there, they are not from our camp! We are going to build a wall, and they are going to pay for that!

4-5 P.M. School complex “Vanzo”

Is the first day already finished? It passed by so quickly! See you tomorrow little devils, we miss you already a little. But just until we see you again, the feeling passes immediately then!



Do you want to know how the story continues? Then, get immerse in our adventure by reading more days of our travelogue!



Day 1. Preparing our trip. (3rd July 2017)

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