Day 2. In the Savannah (4th July 2017)

4 July 2017. Second day of our trip.

9:00 AM. Let’s start this new day!

12 little explorers, Ali and Tami, start this new day. We’ve arrived to the Savannah. Our backpacks are too heavy. We need to make some arrangements and maybe leave some stuff behind.


Current objects in our backpacks are: map, binoculars, compass, tent, mosquito repellent, sleeping bag, phone, canteen, cans of beans, first aid kit, torch, matches.

In pairs we’ve needed to decide what’s less important, which objects we will be able to survive without… we dropped five and we continued our trip.

Walking, walking, and walking, still too heavy. We need to abandon three more objects. Now, we have only two left… which objects will you have chosen? And why? This is not an easy question for us while walking such a long stretch under the sun. A lot of thinking, reasoning, and creative solutions are in play in this game. But then the moment comes when we need to choose only a single object to bring on the trip. One that will enable us to survive here, before arriving to the Masai tribe. Which object is the one, carefully selected by our explorers?

  • Group 1. Map (a map will help us to know where we are going, to know where the closest river or path is…)
  • Group 2. Compass (a map is important but it could be a bit tricky to read without a compass, being in the middle of the Savannah)
  • Group 3. First aid kit (“It’s the most important, what if a lion attacks us and we need a sticker?”)
  • Group 4. Canteen (It’s the most essential need for human beings)
  • Group 5. Canteen (same reason as group 4)
  • Group 6. Canteen (Notice: Remember to fill up your canteen before you start your trip!)

It’s such a pleasure to be travelling with this amazing and thoughtful group of explorers, we are such a team! Oh no! Some animals are approaching! Everyone, down on the ground! Get camouflaged behind that bush!!! Sorry, an investigation has started! We’ll continue writing later. We’ll be safe no worries…

10:00 AM. Creature report:

Elephants, giraffes, hipos, hyenas, flamingos, rhinos and a buffalo came our way! It was incredibly amazing to observe these astonishing creatures of our world!


10:30 AM. Masai tribe

Finally we’ve arrived to the Masai tribe. We made some friends Kiserian, Nalutuesha and Naiponoi. They’ve explained to us that their names have a meaning in the Masai language: Kiserian (peace), Nalutuesha (rain) and Naiponoi (big). We are astonished by the clothes they wear, all the colors they use and the patters they feel identified with. Together we’ve made necklaces, bracelets and some ornaments to put around our body. Wow, we really look so so nice and expressive. Ready to dance with the rhythm of the Savannah.


Leila la la la, pum pa pum pum, purrumpum (grrrrr), luileila ma in mana, pum pum pa, Pam pum (grrrr), leí, leiiiii (grrrr) Hold on! What’s that sound! Sounds like a really really hungry lion… listen… grrrrrrrr…. sounds so close…. sound even like it is inside me… we are a bit scared…. oh wait a minute… it’s our tummies!!! It’s time to have luuuuuunchhhhh!!!

2:00 PM. The food was delicious, it’s time for a tour. Everyone get on our van-boat-submarine-plane! Mode: van. Thanks Masai tribe, we had so much fun! But see you tomorrow! Now is time to meet Simba, Nala, Timon aaaaand Pumba!!!


The sun is setting… it’s been a wonderful day explorers! I’m so thankful to be sharing this journey with you. I’m learning so much, I’m discovering a lot from this world, and I’m enjoying you can’t imagine how much.



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