Day 5. Into the Rainforest


7th of July.  Tami

7:00 a.m. 

While getting ready for this new day, strong and deep feelings are coming to me. What a week. Intense. Vivid. It’s the fifth day, and our first week will be concluded. How can I fall in love this quickly with these kids? How can they inspired me over and over again? Why can’t I stop smiling in this crazy way? I look at the mirror and actually, I enjoy this smile so so much. And I think of you, my great coexplorer Ali Danesin. Enthusiastic, passionate, curious, present, endless learner, lover of life. Such a energetic spirit you have become! An all-ages teacher and model, and I can’t wait to explore.. A rushed voice in my mind wakes me up. Tami! Tamiiii!!! The kids start coming at 7:45! And Ali is waiting for you at 7:20 downstairs! Hurry up!! There is a fascinating rainforest waiting to be discovered!

8:50 a.m.

Okey. Let’s go once more through the list. 36 toilet paper rolls? Done. Box of beautiful and useful rubbish? Done. Rice? Done. Water ballons? Done. Great! It’s just missing something… mmmm… oh! I see! Our little chameleons!!!

9:00 a.m.

  • Eeeeeeeexplooooooreeeeeers!! Are you ready!?
  • Yeeeeeeeeeeessss! Yeeeeeesss!!
  • Let’s go to the Amazon Rainforest!
  • Did you know that 10% of all the known animal species in the world live here?

We can be putting videos and documentaries the whole day and I believe they’ll never get tired. They really enjoy to observe all those animals: golden lion tamarin, anaconda, sloth, poison dart flog, tarantulauuuuhhh!! Replied all together when our hairy little friend appear.

Did you know that Ali has been there for real?

Ali has stepped into showing some pics from her trip. Not a voice is heard but I can see 12 pair of big eyes looking astonished to her and all she shares. It makes such a different when we share authentic pictures; it’s such a strong bound, curiosity that wakes up inside them. They want to know more. They are thirsty to discover all the wonders of this world.

10:30 a.m.

We got an idea (planned idea) What if we make rainsticks? So we can listen to the sound of the rain whenever we want? Three toilet paper roles, some tape, a cover on one side, two rolled-twisted papers inside, some rice, a cover on the other side. And now… let’s dive into the rubbish box to decorate our rainsticks!! The following pictures are a graphical description of creativity:

Imagen PicMonkey

14:00 p.m.


We gather all, laying on the floor with our rainsticks. Some music is in the background and we move our rainsticks with the music. Listening carefully and relaxed, finding our own inner peace. After 16 minutes we asked them what they have felt, which feelings have come inside.

– Davide: I felt free.

– Free of what?

– Davide: of thoughts


14:30 p.m.

And now, the moment that we’ve been waiting for… waaaaater games!!


Imagen 2

(When it’s time for water games, it’s time for water games, and they can go really seriously and crazy)


15:30 p.m. Snack time

– May I have some jam and water please?

(Woooow) (That was so cool) (may-I-have) (wow)

– Sure!

(It’s really in these moments when I feel so proud of us! It has worked! It was a taught in the beginning but after one week (in just one week) I can really see progression, I feel that they’ve lost the fear they had to speak English and moreover, they are using this second language with such a pleasure because they have understood the communicative aim of it!!! It’s been such a learning path for me because actually, it’s been the first time, together with our last Tummylicious summer camp, that I really, sincerely don’t understand them since I don’t speak Italian. “Anna, trust me, I can’t understand Italian, but try it in English, show me, use your hands. I give you my time and energy, let’s find out together what you want to share. And once again, Ali, we can share proudly that our hypothesis, our philosophy to teach a second language is working. It’s still a long path to walk and learn from and let’s keep aware, and reflect along the way how to improve little by little ourselves).

16:00 p.m.

After the afternoon-snack parents have started coming and this was the end. Some of them we’ll meet next week but others have decided to go on an ocean-beach-castle making trip (lucky ones). But any way,

let’s hug tight, tight, and see you on Mondaaaaaaay!!



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