Day 4. Arriving to the Rainforest. 6th July 2017


6th July 2017, Matt

Yanomami. Face painting. amazon rainforest

7.45 A.M. Backyard n.1, ground floor school complex ‘Vanzo’.

Teachers Matt and Tami are ready to greet kids and parents.
“Can we play hide and seek, Teacher Tom?” Martina asks  Matt, calling him purposely the name she thinks is more suitable for him.
“No, thank you Martina, I don’t want to, now.”
“Oh. What about go and get… ?” She smiles hopefully.
“I’m sure Davide and Enrico will be so happy to play!” Matt nods encouragingly towards the other kids.

9.00 A.M Classroom n.1, first floor school complex ‘Vanzo’.

The kids are starting to know what to expect, and today there is a new topic, a new set of flashcards, a whole new world to know: the Rainforest.Rainforest for kids. english. activities. video

In the first hour they get to know where it is, what it is, what animals live in it, what human tribe lives in it as well.
Looking at a video of the Yanomami they are surprised to see a person dancing and singing, in the middle of a sleeping morning village; a village built with simple wood and straw, dirt and dust in the road.

They open their mouth at kids describing their lives, so far away, so different, and yet so similar: they cook with mum, and they go to school. They fetch water for hours, and yet they do the same games, they play with the same balls.
And the mid-age man, poorly but fancily dressed, is still dancing: He will be dancing until the sun eventually sets.

10.30 A.M. Backyard n.1, school complex ‘Vanzo’.

The first break means the first snack, and the kids get excited, they can’t wait to have fruits, bread with oil and salt.
“Bread”. Anna demands.
“Can I have some bread?” Matt answers.
“Yes.” Anna is absolutely convinced.
“No.” He looks at her again. “Can I have some bread?” And nods in her direction.
“Oh, can I have some bread?” Huge smile, accomplishment smile.
“Of course, there you go.”

11.00 A.M. Classroom n.2 , school complex ‘Vanzo’.

We are going to “make” a Yanomami little one. We have figures, we’re going to colour them, attach them to a stick, try to bring them to life in some way.
When we are finished we go to classroom n.3 , where books and games await us. Antonio is full of energy, driven to what he wants to do, sometimes difficult to handle: then he gets absorbed in a story, in a difficult game; his focus is total and unstopped, he is there and doesn’t feel any need to be anywhere else.
He follows a distinct logical pattern when he plays a strategy game, a game that he very clearly and precisely explained in under 30 seconds, and will adapt to changes. He is 8 y.o. but I have to be there, to be focused, to change the pattern no less than 3-4 times, or I’ll lose.

12.30 A.M. Canteen, school complex ‘Vanzo’.

Lunch is served again!Rainforest for kids. english. activities. video. amazon “A load of rice!” Davide smiles. Davide is always smiling.
“A whole load of rice?? That’s a lot!!” laughes Matt.
“A load load of rice!” I didn’t know his smile could broaden more.
“A load load it is then!”.
He eats it all, and then asks for some more. Where does he put it?

2.00 P.M. Classroom n.1, school complex ‘Vanzo’.

It’s time for a movie. Rio 2, set in the Amazon. It’s in English, with English subs, but most of the kids are absorbed: they may not understand the words, but the general comprehension is there, and with that will come a more specific one.

4.00 – 5.00 P.M.

Another day comes to an end. Tomorrow we’ll still be travelling in the wonder of the Amazons.

But now it’s time to play.
“Can we play hide and seek, Teacher Matt?” It’s the right name this time.
“Oh no, Martina, I’m so tired, why don’t you ask Nandini?” She smiles and nods to Nandini.
“Go and touch .. ?” A hopeful look in her eyes.
“Oh, no, really.”
The hopeful look is gone. and Martina walks away.
“Go and touch green!!” Matt shouts and runs after Martina suddenly.
The little one smiles and runs.




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