Day 7. To a further end of the Outback

Day 7, 11th July 2017

7.45 A.M. , A bench on a backyard.
Teachers Tami and Matt are the first explorers today, guiding the group to a further end of the Outback: today we’ll hear an incredible story, we’ll make our own boomerang, we’ll sing songs.
Another exciting day is starting, and Tami and Matt are sipping their coffees on the bench. Looking towards the day. Are your eyes a bit sleepy Tami?

9.00 A.M. , Classroom n.1, first floor, school complex “Vanzo”
It is time to head upstairs, and listen to a story about a Kangaroo from Woolloomooloo and all his animal friends. The kids listen and are challenged to compose the story again from some shuffled images, to connect the animals and their actions.

Kangaroo from Wolloomooloo: Storytelling handbook. British Council. Story (page 158)/ more actvities (page 65). 

Kangaroo from Woolloomooloo story challenge order

10.30 A.M. , Backyard, school complex “Vanzo”
It’s the first break and the kids perfectly know how to ask their snack in English, it’s almost a pity not to be able to correct them anymore!

11.00 A.M. , Classroom n.2, first floor, school complex “Vanzo”boomerang australia outback kids english

Time to head back to the Arts and Crafts room, today we are going to make our own boomerang: we cut it, we decorate it, we colour it.
“Matt, can you help me cutting it? It’s so thick!”
“Come on Mati, use the scissors the closest possible to the handle, you can cut better then!”
“I tried, but I really can’t!”
“Oh well.” At the end, how can you say no?

12.30 A.M. , Canteen, school complex “Vanzo”
We have pasta with tuna, peas, carrots. And (almost) everyone eats (almost) everything! Gosh Benny, how can you eat so, SO many peas?

2.00 P.M. , Classroom n.1 , school complex “Vanzo”
It is time to learn the song “Into the bush”. Richard came to play it with us! It’s not an easy song, and it has a very quick pace, but we’ll try anyway.

“Into the bush” by Bob Brown

Into the bush with instruments.

3.45 P.M. Backyard, school complex “Vanzo”
Another day is finished. We are getting used to these little devils, we’ll miss to see them everyday… “Bea come out of that bin, come on!!”

Tamara Gonzalez. throw boomerang with kids. australia




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