Day 10. In Polar Artic (ok, we are literally freezing)

Day 10. In Polar Artic (ok, we are literally freezing)

14th July 2017, Padova, Matt

7.40 A.M , Backyard n.1, school complex ‘Vanzo’.

Here we are: it’s the last day, we are not only going to finish the Polar Arctic, the whole world exploration is coming to an end today! It’s Tami and Matt today, but Alice is going to join us from lunch on, she can’t resist saying goodbye to the kids!
Oh, Davide is first again. Eager as usual, does he have the usual two t-shirts changes?
“Matt! Water games today!!” Martina is here too.
“Martina, it’s 23 degrees and a storm is coming, I’m not sure we’ll do the water games!”
“Water games today!!” And she goes, completely indifferent to any explanation.

9.00 A.M. Classroom n.1, school complex ‘Vanzo’.

A quick review of yesterday’s flashcards, with all the animals, they remember them so well! Let’s see a video about the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis as you prefer: there is a complete silence looking at the wonderful lights changes and games, the kids are completely trapped in them.
Well let’s go and try to paint these Northern Lights: water colors on special paper. Gosh they draw and paint so much better than me; ok, it’s not that hard, but still!

Painting Northern Lights Water Colors. Kids. English. Summer Camps. Craft

10.30 A.M. First floor, school complex “Vanzo”

“Water games today!!” Terry, or maybe Matilde?
“Girls, take a look outside, it’s pouring!” I try to talk some sense.
“Water games in the afternoon!!”
Do they even hear me?

11.00 A.M. Arts and Crafts room, school complex “Vanzo”

First we finish the northern lights. Then, it is time for a cooperative project: there will be three groups, each one will “build” a little Polar Artic ecosystem; lots of recycled material to use, polystyrene for the igloo, various kinds of fabrics and assorted materials.
This time we divide the usual little groups and make new ones, mixing the kids; it’s amazing how they go from fighting to finding compromises to work together. The results are amazing, the little ecosystems are amazingly well done.

Collaborative project. Ecosystem Polar Artic. Recyclable material craft

12.30 P.M. Canteen

Lunch and break time! Alice joins us and the kids note that the sun has come back, though there still is some chill in the air. Guess what’s in their minds: that’s right, water games.

02.00 P.M. First floor, school complex ‘Vanzo’

northern lights. water colors. crafts. english. kids


The groups proudly show their crafts to teacher Alice, and they explain them in English! A little closing moment and we ask the kids what they liked most about these two weeks. So many of them loved the cooperative work, making stuff together with the others. And yes, of course, the water games, yes we are going!

3.00 P.M. Backyard number 2, school complex ‘Vanzo’

Finally the water games!! They scream, they laugh, they have fun. Good luck little ones, we’ll try to pretend we don’t miss you.

Water games. Summer camp. english. ballons. fun. games. png


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