Aldea Yanapay - Pure Wild Energy - Pura Energía Salvaje

It was Tuesday late afternoon when I arrived at Villa Magica, after a 28 hour- ride from Lima to Cusco. I was really exhausted, extremely phisically worn out. I entered and I see some people under a gazebo really focused in making bracelets. I said hola, they answered hola que tal? – I then went in to register, still with my always-too-heavy backpack on my back. People hanging out on old comfy sofa and sitting crossed legs on the floor watching a movie or reading books. I watched them, expecting I don’t know exactly which kind of welcome or reward to be arrived after such a journey. They greeted, smiled. I was observing, carefully noticing every kind of detail, trying to fixing in my mind every little thin, from a Dr.Seuss’Cat in the Hat plush on the sofa to a picture of a glittery flying fairy wearing a golden crown.

The day after I went to school. I couldn’t wait more to see it. I really couldn’t wait more to see kids. I really couldn’t wait more to be surrounded by those faces, by those smiles, by that energy. I missed kids a lot. It’s like when I’ve not been with them around for a while, I miss them so much. I miss their energy so much. Their pureness, their genuinity, their way of being just as they are.

The school is colorful, graffiti painted and organized into three wooden floors. Children are welcome in a circle, where they greet each other and warm up a little with a song altogether. They then choose the workshop they’d like to attend: Arte, Musica, Tarea, Computo, Juegos. After two hours of workshop they have a break, play, shout, fight, run, love, querrel, tie up teachers, fall and laugh.
After this, we all gather together another time, for a very sacred moment, el circulo de amor. Here, children are free to express how they are feeling and why, we sing some very powerful and energetic songs, connected to the Mother Earth, la Pachamama. They play musical instruments, each day some childre are elected to be the guardians of the circle and they can play the tambores. Children sing so loud I’ve never felt such a positive energy on my skin. I had goosebumps when I heard a girl, Genesis, singing that loud, really feeling what she was singing, the words, the sounds, the rhythm. The song I loved much more than all the others is Madre Tierra.
It enters in my bones, in my flesh, in my soul. It’s energy. Pure Energy.

Papà Ivan and Papà Gerald are the coordinators of the projects, now. How the children look at them, how they deeply truly love them, it’s simply unexplainable. They are such guides for th ekids of the school. And there’s us, the volunteers. So different from one another, but a passion in common: to have fun and learn from kids. To be at their level, to embrace the wonderful project of this school, which teaches kids really caring about our three level of being: spiritual, physical and mental.

Time to me is really such an indefinite concept. I’ve been here for a week and it definitely feels I’m here for more. Today we climbed a mountain, Cristo Blanco, looking for leaves, sticks and stones for next week. We’d like to make dreamcatchers with the kids, it’s gonna be so fun.

I can’t wait to learn more, I can’t wait to learn more from these kids. I can’t wait to learn all the simplicity they teach me every time I am with them. I can’t wait for tomorrow, when I’m gonna be surrounded and hugged by those little monkeys. A month here is kind of planned, but the magic that there’s here really tempts me to leave my plans pretty much beautifuly open.

I love all this.

I simply and purely love it and I’m endlessly grateful to all my past to be here, now, living and already embracing the future.


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