About us


Our project

The idea of this blog is to create a space to share what we are learning from our teaching experiences with kids along the way. What we strongly believe in is learning by doing, reflecting and developing ourselves constantly to give children the best teachers we can be.

“When educators engage in continuous learning and questioning, exploring new ideas and adjusting practices, they achieve the best outcomes for children, families and themselves”

We want to help children raising awarneness of diversity, thanks to getting in contact with new languages and cultures, giving them an opportunity to become open-minded citizens of the world.

Who we are

We are Tami & Ali, two curious explorers who love traveling, meeting new people and cultures and learning from each new experience of life. We met each other in Madrid and very soon we discovered a common and genuine interest in colors, patterns, smells, textures, paper, music, boxes and how to create a puppet by dressing up a stick with feathers, buttons and recycled wrapping paper.

Our ideasprogetto-senza-titolo have been growing and growing and Christmas was approaching so we decided to start off a project together. And this is how our first  Xmas Happy Camp arrived (the first of many yet to come!).

Realizing how much we can learn from sharing our experiences, we created this space for us, to keep inspiring each other, and for everyone who feels to connect with this Learning Community. We invite YOU to participate actively, sharing ideas, experiences, posts, writing feedbacks and reflections, commenting on this blog or by email at sharinglearningsontheroad@gmail.com

Looking forward to forge new ideas with you!

Alice Danesin, Italy, World

Adrenalinic certified CELTA English Teacher specialized in Early Childhood,
collaborative, creative and detail oriented, Storyteller, Author and Blogger.
Inquisitive learner about Alternative methods of educations that brings Love, Connection with the Nature, Empathy, Self-Awareness, Food-knowledge, Music and Art as instruments to the Unique Developing of each child.

Enthusiastic Creator and Coordinator of ESL Summer Camps, Workshops and Experiences for Kids.
Learn through play, Mindfulness, Art, Music and Nature are the main tools she brings into class.

Currently in Peru for 3 months, volunteering in a magic Alternative School. Looking for new inspiring opportunities in a bilingual alternative school in Madrid from January 2018, which gives me the opportunity to share my 3-year experience as well as to grow as a Teacher and Learner.

Uuuh, I was forgetting.
She’s also writing a captivating and imaginative book for kids!

Tamara González Casado, Spain, World

img-20150831-wa0005-3She is a dynamic preschool teacher, specialized in bilingualisim at CES Don Bosco University, in Madrid. Her ceaseless inquietude to learn from marvellous and inspiring people around the world has driven her to carry out ambitious teaching projects in Finland, Sweden, England, Ireland and Spain. Extremely delighted by these experiences and all she has been learning, she developed new motivational resources for kids to Learn a Second Language .
What’s more, she is soon going to take all this with her creative crazyness to a jumping group of 4-5 year olds in a very well known school in Atlanta!

Ah! She’s also writing a book, one for real explorers!