Storybooks are fantasy, storybooks are reality, storybooks are colors, feelings, characters and  actions. Storybooks are environments, situations, people. Storybooks are just the perfect way to enter a child’s world. Storybooks are the perfect context for learning, to create and produce reactions and language. Storybooks give children a reason to learn, a reason to read and eventually, to learn another language.
They are just so powerful!
Below, we are going to share our selection of storybooks, carefuly selected per theme, content and values. In each storybook post you will find useful tips about how to read it and which crafts and activities you can combine with it.

And what about you? Which are your and your children favourite storybooks?
Share it with us!



Multi-cultures / Nationalities / Flags /Stereotypes





  • Meg’s Eggs